Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Oklahoma Sooners Defensive News Conference (Transcripts)


On his initial impression of Johnny Manziel: “He doesn’t try to be anybody he is not. He plays to his strengths extremely well and to whom he is as a football player. He uses his gifts to help them win and that is what any great quarterback or player does. He knows exactly what he can and can’t do. His ability to extend and create plays, there’s not a defense created to defend against that.”

On the youth of Johnny Manziel: “Sometimes it’s better when you don’t know and have no expectations. You can go in there and fly by the seat of your pants and do what is instinctually instinctive. Those instincts usually as for a football player are the most important qualities you can have.”

On stopping Johnny Manziel: “I don’t think you stop him. Nobody has been able to stop him. I think you try to contain him and try to limit his big plays. Being able to keep him in the pocket is easier said than done. They do a great job creating run plays for him to get him into open space. People don’t realize, but the offensive line does a great job of creating space for him.”

On the impact of both offensive tackles for Texas A&M: “Those two guys, they can keep people from closing in. They both do a great job of keeping people in front of them and make space around them. As a unit on their football team, their offensive line is probably their greatest strength. It all starts up front on any football team.”


On deciding factor to head to the NFL: “The main thing is just finding out everything I need to know. There are still a few things that I am unsure about as far as what they want and what they need.”

On Johnny Manziel and how similar he is to Robert Griffin III: “I would say in some ways they are similar. They both a great a creating plays when there are no plays. They both find a way to win. They both do great things and that is why they both won the Heisman Trophy.”

On the familiarity of Texas A&M: “It is a good thing because you know what they like to do. We know what to expect when we go out there. We know the great players they have and who they are. Being able to play them the past few years, it will be good to see them again this week.”


On being able to rattle Johnny Manziel: “I think we can and I know we will have the opportunity to do it. It will come down to us being disciplined and doing our assignments.”

On facing someone similar to Johnny Manziel: “I would say Robert Griffin. I don’t think he was as elusive as Johnny as far as running the ball, but you deal with them in similar ways.”

On who should have won the Heisman Trophy: “I think Johnny deserved it. For a defensive guy, you don’t see that happen often even though I was rooting for Tao.”


On Texas A&M being an old foe: “You know, it’s a ballgame. I think whether we are playing Texas A&M or anyone else, our goal is to win the game. We are going to go out there on Friday and compete.”

On waiting to play: “That is the worst part. You sit around and you’re watching all the other bowl games happen, you say, “Man, I wish our bowl game was today.” However, I understand that we have to wait for a reason and when the time comes we will be ready to play.”

On his confidence in the Oklahoma offense: “They have been good all year. Landry does a good job of leading those guys. I’m comfortable in them and what they can do. We see them every day; we know what they can bring to the table.”


On the Oklahoma offensive line: “I think our offensive line has been great at adapting to who they go against. They’re not the biggest or the most intimidating guys, but they have a way of flowing together and making the plays. They are fast flowing for an offensive line and I think that is an advantage they have over other people.”

On all the talk about Johnny: “The talk is getting old and I’m sure it is getting old for him too. I think we all want to get to the game and stop all the talk. I’m ready for it and I am sure he is ready for that too.”

On how tough it is to defend against a scramble quarterback: “It is extremely tough. The extension of the play makes you have to cover and defend longer than you are accustomed to. A big part of defending that will be the guys upfront not allowing him get away and keep him in front of them. It is easier said than done. It does make it difficult though because that entire offense is worked around him.

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