Friday, January 4th, 2013

Oklahoma Player Post-game Quotes


On his experience at Oklahoma: “I can’t say enough about my experience here at OU and the things that I’ve gotten to do here. Coach Heupel and coach Stoops, you can’t say enough about those guys.”

On OU’s performance: “It was obvious tonight that we didn’t play the way we should have played. We couldn’t run it. We couldn’t throw it. It happens, you know. But at the end of the day, God’s given me an amazing platform at this school, so I give him praise right now.”

On Texas A&M: “It’s the same talent level, same guys we played last year. But they played well tonight and we didn’t. We got inside the 10-yard line and we didn’t score twice. We scored two field goals. In the second half, we come back out and had three three-and-outs, and I think they scored three straight touchdowns. When you do that, you can’t expect to win a game. I wish we were better tonight, but that’s the way it is.”


On OU’s performance: “We made a lot of big plays this year, but we didn’t make a lot of them tonight whether it was running or passing. They did a lot of blitzing. They got us on edges, got pressure in Landry’s face, and that’s something we didn’t handle very well.”


On Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel:“You’ve got to give it to him. He’s not a Heisman winner for no reason. You’ve got to give him props for what we did today. It’s nothing but respect for him. In the first part of the game, we tried to keep him contained and stay in the box, but once he slipped out, we were chasing him. We fell out of those holes and didn’t keep him in the pocket. We knew what kind of player he was. Clearly, you saw what he did to the SEC all year. We knew exactly we were going to get into, but we wanted to keep him in the pocket and it didn’t happen tonight.”


On execution of Oklahoma defense:“We couldn’t execute, much less do anything tonight. Johnny went out there and did everything that he has done all year. We had him contained and then all of a sudden he got away and makes a pinpoint throw.”

On Johnny Manziel: “He deserves it. He came out and played a great game. He made Heisman throws and executed offensively to perfection.”

On frustration rising amongst the defense: “It does get to you. We had them stopped and next thing you know they score a touchdown on fourth down. We couldn’t execute as a defense tonight. But, the game is over and it is embarrassing, but you can’t dwell on that; you’ve got to go ahead and move on.”

On the defense next year: “As long as the guys don’t go through the motions and continue to attack and use this game as motivation, we can’t get any worse. We will continue to work and get better. We will be back next year.”


On if OU will look to recruit more dual threat quarterback: “We love who we’ve got here. We’re not giving up anything in the throwing ability at the quarterback position, we won’t do that. But guys that have the ability to extend plays is something that we look for in recruiting quarterbacks.”

On if OU was surprised by anything Texas A&M did defensively: “Nothing that hadn’t shown up on tape, you know they played more drop eight. Some of that we expected in certain situations. They did a good job in their three- man front causing havoc and we weren’t as good running the ball in that situation”

On the two red zone stops settling for field goals: “The two drives early, certainly against an explosive team like this you want to be able to put up seven points instead of three, threes all night aren’t going to be good enough. They did a good job in the Blake set, stuffing us and we’re forced to kick it. With the play action on second down there, then on third down they dropped eight and weren’t able to get open.”

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